Thursday, November 19, 2015

Je’ suis (I Am, We Are) Jesus Christ, blessed are these who mourn for they shall be comforted, blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the son of God, blessed are they who seek after righteousness, for they shall be filled, JCON, Apb, People Of The Cross

Repentant Prayer

Forgive us O God, according to thy loving kindness, according to the multitude of thy tender mercies, blot out my transgressions, wash me thoroughly from my iniquity and cleanse me from sin, then shall I teach transgressors thy ways and then shall sinners be converted unto the... The Lineage Of Sin, Mankind, see Psalm 51 ...then shall my eyes be open, and only then shall my ears attend to a prayer done in this manner, Loving God Of Heaven...II Chor.. 7:14, 15

Prophecy Link

Seen to be seeing consuming fire from prison like a sword target President Bush, targeting with wars and rumors America’s President 2001
Seen to be taken into flight over the United States, seen to be seeing massive destruction from the Eastern Seaboard to the Western Seaboard. Seen to seeing a severely destroyed space port, as so a just as damaged White House, the smoke of its burning, nations of the world catastrophes on the map 08/15/ 2001, my seventy seventh prophecy link. That, while doing a search through my most urgent prophecies, for the year I received this one, as I read, I’m sitting here with mouth gaping awe. Understand, I received as a word, the number 77 just yesterday, regretting that I no longer have access to my earliest prophecy links which are in the thousands, I wondered what my 77 prophecy link would be, say, well, here it is, aw my God, what blessed assurance, both sweet and bitter!
-Just last night, well this morning, I awaken from a dream whereas in the dream I was sitting in a church, it seem to be a Jimmy Swaggart, church when suddenly people became panic. They became panic and started exiting the building, they were existing the building because of a bomb threat. We’re no longer talking about deadly incidents in the away yonder where people are repeatedly dying in our stead but we’re talking about American soil. 05/25/2010

And When he hath open the fourth seal, I heard the Beast Say, Come And See! 11/20/2015, 5:34 AM

I’ve been finding quarters, like they're placed strategically placed throughout the house, I know to you this is just coincidence, but for this Apostle/Prophet at its represent it is that both something's divine and quite sinister, though I don’t know if that is a proper word, so I’ll just say, prophetic. The beginning of this month, Feb. 14, 2015, I received while dosing between sleep and a dream, appearing along the foot of my bed in the form of one receiving text messages all saying this one thing, “Jesus is coming, Jesus is on the way. I know, we’ve been saying this, well, Jesus has been coming for us, since He ascended on high 2,000 years ago. Not so quick, for as for me, well, Holy Spirits have by visions, dreams, words, visitations to heaven and heaven visiting me unveiling this blessed event, more so than anything else.
Thus one would think, for them now after all this time to lament, not only that He’s coming, but that He’s, That Jesus is His way. Well, it’s like someone you well trust have been telling you for the longest they’re coming to see you and you know they will, for they’re this sincere. Then one day they call you up and they say, guess what? I’m finally on my way, let me warn you, I have a few stops to make along the way, so I can’t give you a specific day or hour but I’m right now in route to you as promised. So again, and if you read this prophecy on line behind a Darius Herndon, that’s my youngest son and sometimes I post in his name.
Genuinely, the Holy Spirits now assuring, me, that’s us, that Jesus is on his way mean He, the Archangel Michael, and the trump of God, a trumpet I’ve witnessed years passed being hand off to the Angel Gabriel, well they’re all in flight to us, that although we don’t know a specific day or hour but we know, as God has given command to retrieve us, after 2000 years of lamenting that it be so, they’re now in route to us. This is both what I was seeing and what I was allowed to participate in, like a trial run, spring 1986, when this manner of Christ of Resurrection appeared to me, saying only this one thing, that thrice, COME!

I Found A Quarter, The Pale Horse

A Voice Declaring: “The Antichrist is to kill millions as millions go broke!” The Of Man and his rebellious kind on the map 2004

-I looked into this dream years passed, in the dream I witness a quarter fall to the floor, I then witness both the one who dropped the quarter and the beggar struggle over it. Soon they both turn and looked at me, and I said, and I quote, “well, to be honest, the quarter now belong to the beggar” and the dream passed from me. Truly like the dreams of people being two, three to a bike, it’s represent a great time of scarcity, which I well explain further, regarding the 4th seal and its power to kill one fourth, that’s one quarter of the earth’s population, clearly it’s time, regardless of how unspeakable hath come. See more here, Famine In America,

-I'll give you another example of receiving prophetic songs, in the month of June 7th, well going about the house Tony Braxton song, seven whole days got stuck in my head, but I was instead singing ten whole days, and once I realized that, I went O my God, something is going to happen in ten days. A similar count down went on in my heads months leading up to the first Obama administration, the last one was and I quote “one more month,” it was exactly Oct 4th and Obama would win the presidency that Nov. 4th 2008.
What was about to happen here would be only a prelude to what would begin the great end time judgment of God vetted at Organized Religion, (apostate Christendom). A horror thereupon which would happen in 10 days, this was the 7th, so meaning the 17th of June, (see Big June 2010), which all dates back to the horrible Charlson Church shooting. Don't alarm thyself, this religious formation, that Great Demonic Whore John is seeing sitting on many waters, is that one thing Jesus came first to set us free from, meaning we supposed to be running from it instead of to it, for our souls’ ever last. Which would explain seeing a beast the first of 2014 stomping and chomping its way from the pulpit into the pews which all appeared vacant, such an invasion will indeed empty out these massive assembly halls whom the Holy Spirit 2013 lamented need to fall in love with God who they no longer worship via Jesus Christ Cross.
Thus Jesus second purpose was to by His Own Redeeming blood destroy it all, this would be man’s condemned temple verses the Righteous Temple of God. I know, a teacher said recently doing the Mosaic Laws’ defense, they were accusing Jesus of blaspheming against, how God created the laws, yes, but Holy Spirit reminded me, God created Lucifer as well. Only, He didn’t intend for him to mutiny against the throne of God, causing a third of the Heavenly Host to do the same and become the serpent, the devil unto Satan’s Seat, sitting in the church a wolf, even a leopard, adorn in sheep’s skin.
So those good and perfect gifts descending down from the Father of Lights in the hand of evil, black, hollow hearted men always become something God did not intend, thus the call for all mankind to return, to repent! I know, a question, if this is so, why had it instead gone on for so long? First, through the seven letters to the seven churches of Asia Minor, Jesus made it clear His Church, like Himself, would be a Righteous Church, without spot, wrinkle or blemish, proven so as they no longer served sin. So it has gone on for so long, well consider why God left the Hebrews in Egypt for so long, that’s regardless of the mounting cries, for some four hundred years? He would by all the insurmountable trials and tribulations mold a Single Remnant out of thousands that would with whole hearts worship Him.
Heretofore, Elohim have by leaving mankind this victim to worldwide rebellion, transgressions and through the roof abominations done the exact same. That for the two thousand years beyond the Martyred of Christ’s Cross crying, “how long O Lord Holy and True doest thou not avenge our blood on earth’s inhabitants.” This mean those even with celebration committing martyrdom against God’s anointed hour of reckoning hath come, woe unto them. This is why Jesus has forewarn, all that hath come before him were thieves and robbers, behold, whosoever believeth in me shall never die and I shall raise him up on the last day, today people is that day, the last day of the church age, thus the trump of God sounds for the blood redeemed can you wear white, Christ Blood?
These are the precious things Jesus was prophesying the moment he looked at the evil temple of man and proclaimed there would not be one stone left upon another, not even its wailing wall. That His explanation to the leader Nicodemus would be how His Church of Spirit and Truth would be brought about, see also see Gal. 2:20. That in all likeness how He explained to the woman of Samaria, Jacob’s Well, would be why they’re to be all born again, for the Father God seeth such the manner of worship, again, that’s of Holy Spirits and thus of Truth, also see Rom. 12:1, 2, Heb. 10th chapter. Clearly are said unveilings right up to when He was facing the greatest trials, cross of His Ministry unto causing Roman’s Governor, Pilate to understand how glorious it would be to sacrifice Himself this Holy Lamb you see, truly the Marriage Supper of it all was just as so being prepared especially for Him, see I Thess. 4:16-18, I Cor. 15:51-58. Rev. 19th Chpt.

I found A Quarter, And Hell Rode With Him

A Voice Declaring: ‘God said he will kill millions, the wine press of God, targeting the evil of man on the map 2005

-I looked into dreams whereas cities of America were making it like cities of Iraq. I saw a Wal-Mart under attack and in flames. I witness people in complete panic, I even witness people taken hostage, my spouse was one of them. As so was there something about bomb threats. This is where I pulled from the sink where I was washing dishes a long length of hair that was to act as a measuring stick, like the horses bridle mention in Revelation, which is six feet long, 05/22/2010

Frightfully as I described, the ten whole days was a count down to a prelude to great, even cataclysmic judgment aimed directly at mass assembly and thus all repentant alters restrain therein, to return to the God who hath them or perish in Hell Fire. As I described, the countdown was ten days before the Charston church shootings, another 17 and 7, performance. That was all, this spin into the shooting on college campuses where said assailants targeted Christians, as so the young lady who plowed her car into a parade of people doing their school’s homecoming, I know it didn’t say it but she was targeting what to her are Christian’s values now no longer a fail safe, and like in the days of Rome, they’re going to find someone to blame, said violent anger will mostly target Americans, Churches (Churchians) and all the more Christians.
I read an article just a few days passed, that people are leaving churches in droves, how most are vacant with the exception of the Grays, and how they weren’t talking aliens. This would also coincide with an additional article pointing out how at least a million Mexicans returned home last year, they explain it as something that haven't happen in 40 plus years. I know I’ve seen several mass exodus out of America, one of my first vision was about this manner of stampede, and the street I grew up on, Dunlap, (as in done lapsed, time). Now just who and what you think Islamic Terrorist are targeting, especially this one named Isis? Westernized civilization, of which the mass majority claim to be, or is are thought to be Christian, even that America is a Christian Nation.
Actually, this is why Apostle proclaim how alters 1998 are being commanded to get back to the God, to the Cross of Christ. For all of is like Jesus promising to take the church candlestick away, (light of life, salvation and revelation), that even he’s to kill their children with death except they repent. Speaking of killing children, I heard this horror on the news just yesterday. Well, how because of a Pharmaceutical release more and more woman, those who're supposed to be flocking instead to repentant alters especially in their knees, are committing more and more at home abortions, I’m heartbroken that you heard me right. This will then explain why recently as the first of this year mothers were referred to as, Nazie Moms, so if grandparents are so enthused, and possessed with this present world, they're pictured burying their grandchildren alive.
As so with mothers being featured as maniac, Neocons of child murders, we know men are more infatuated with pedophilia and the sexual exploitation of boys, that they’re sorely homophile, clearly where is the child left but to be just as corrupted, even perverted heart, mind and soul unto unthinkable abominations as their guardians themselves. May I remind you, all of which could make the outpouring of God’s winepress at this time all the more a perfect probability. That Elohim, like in the ancient past, has no choice but to pull it all up by the roots and and toss it into the furnace, to try it like gold in a refiners fire to replenish it all unto a newness of divine confirmation, which Christ’s Jesus by His Holy Spirit is.

I found A Quarter, And Power Was Given Unto Him

Seen to be seeing America, Britain going in separate directions, a voice declaring: "America, Britain, separate them into itty, bitty pieces" 06/12/2004, (see Iraq war, war on terrorism)
A Voice Declaring: Washington DC, the White House will be the main target, targeting the White House mightily on the map 03/31/2008,

I know, I know, the quarter, first imagine my face, when I realized the beige horse awarded present day westernized civilization doing the intrepid dream timetable 2001, of a major cataclysm pending until 15.10 years is finished, Oct. 2017. That it was the same identical unthinkable judgment being unveiled to John the beloved behind the opening of the 4th seal. A pale (beige) horse, with hell riding with him, whose to kill a fourth, that's again a quarter of the earth by death, pestilence and the sword. With much concern, an unthinkable horror beginning on American, or the so labeled Free World soil, a 190 months judgment beyond Christmas night 2001. Meaningfully the repentant alters has always been where we’re to detour unto that single strait path, gate leading to eternity with God, QUIT MAN, get to Christ’s Cross.
All my God, now I know what it was Daniel, even John felt as such like unthinkable prophecies were being revealed to them, who would believe such the report, such the forewarning? This is why for the last day I’ve felt so, what? Disillusioned at the foretelling and forewarning of such cataclysmic performances. Even that we are the Church Age Saints that will witness thankfully from heaven, as per Christ’s Cross, the righteous will no longer suffer with the unrighteous, of God pouring out of His Righteous judgment that pending for thousands' of year, beginning as usual at this world’s, God’s most apostate assembly, that great whore once valued, allied so, now being all the more by an assassin bullet targeted.
I was standing in my kitchen a few days passed, the Holy Spirit simply ask me, don't you think God know the exact number which will hear Christ's voice and ascend into heaven to Him? Don't you think God knows the exact number of those who will believe on Christ doing the Great Tribulation? That though John saw a number that no man could number come out, of every tongue, tribe, kindred, and people, thus God having restored unto Himself, one new man, neither Jew nor Greek, neither bond nor free, neither male nor female, that He Being God always knew this number. That equally, sadly He knows the number of the dead despite how vast this place, which will spend eternity in hell, …and if I make my bed in heaven, thou art there…
That from the announcement of the woman seed, to Christ's Cross, to the Prophets unto the Church Age, has all been that mankind is to know there is a Righteousness of God, A Christ of God, The Acts of God's Apostle, To the Anointed Church Age among them, thus every time a soul opens its eyes in hell, He, this Righteous Judge will be completely justified, having forever been longsuffering by His unmerited grace (Christ’s Cross), unto them. Thus the Palmist said upon repentance of sin, that thou Father might be true when thy speakest and be clear when thy judgest. There is my people none like HIM through all the earth, even blessed be He, Jesus, who cometh in the Name of this Lord of lord, Amen, Beware, Alter Thyself, Apb,

AWAKE! An End Hath Come, Apb, The RAM,