Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Every Praise Is To Our God!

And I Heard Behind A Silence into Weeping In Heaven, “my people are dying, they are being stripped of everything my Christ has brought them, behold I will strip their leaders, GOH, Apb Every Praise is to our God -First, click on and play this amazing song, now imagine this song is playing throughout heaven with such tremendous force, the twelve gates, to the tree of life, to the crystal stream, even the golden streets, just everything is all quaking under the mighty force of it this insurmountable for many millennial celebration. Then all of a sudden it stops, and you mean to the point you can hear a single feather drop throughout it's incalculable vastness; none in heaven nor on earth has ever experienced anything like it, again this Spirit to heart shocking intermission to stagnation. -When momentarily you begin to hear it, set your quizzing eyes and hears all around for better clarity, there's a cry, even uncontrollable sobbing so touching it begin to break and rend the heart of you, that you are crying too. Soon one approaches you, one of the plenteous angels there, one of the twenty-four elders, or perhaps even Christ Himself? Then say, He want to see you, and though you know the answer to this question, all this stillness is literally driving all insane, you ask, who? And He say Him, when to your amazement, in like this nano-second, even the space between the seconds of youtube ads while you're awaiting a selection, still seeming to take forever. -You're standing before what can only be a mountain in the paradise of heaven, soon from which the sun itself in full strength not only emerges, it speaks, and you quote, “let my people go!” Truly like the days of Moses just before the ten plagues and an assignment of a grim reaper to Lamb's blood, into a mighty exodus virtually destroys all of them and changes everything, forever into Jesus' and God's reign on earth. -Now though you didn't time any of it, the Apostle John said the silence in heaven lasted about the space of half an hour. Then just as suddenly as it stalled the celebration of God, these explosive lyrics, this song, vibrating through the vastness of heaven's newest, reigning heir, truly raising the clouds and all, …."every praise is to our God," all rebellious leaders, even those with good attentions, be aware! Apb, The RAM, see here, celebrate heaven! Every Praise is to our God

Serving Two Masters, The Pounding To Death Of Selfdom
II Jn. 3

     Most know the word of God, most can quote it's scriptures better than pastor. Still precious few travel the straight path, gate to blessed death, only in Jesus, we now, His Heir.
      I had this dream years past, in the dream I was caring for this child, that I loved and cherished. It was all in this world to me, when soon Holy Spirit said, "why are you caring for that child, it supposed to be dead?" 
     Now imagine your precious one's so dear to you, children, grands and like Father Abraham God/Jesus is saying. If you love me more, then sacrifice them all to me, what true love truly is.
     Soon in the dream I begin to see a miraculous thing, another. That's a more mature, grown up version, this same child, only it was dying. That as long as I allowed this precious babe (sin), to steal me away from my growth, I would never mature, heart, mind, resurrected body into Jesus Christ, see Ephs.4

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