Friday, March 31, 2017

The Fumbling Of Syed Farook Terrorist Attack

The Fumbling Of Syed Farook

A Nuclear Inferno Upon Our Cities! USA IS NOW FACING THE GREATEST CRISIS IN HISTORY-Terrorist Training Camps:30 States-Which States Are You In?

Friday, March 31, 2017 4:25

    -You see if the beginning to the end of the West is only a few months from this present hour these are the type of stories that should be topping national to world news organizations, anything else is simply vanity, deadly and damning. There was a time we had Alex Jones channel for this, until he went Trump like 100%, religion to politics, the reaching for the wind into bouts of lethal uselessness have never saved anybody. Stop being deceived, it is not the light but is the dark, this twilight of a madhouse posing as salvation that not only won't save you, it can't, being too self involved.
     -I read this topic, I think of one really telling dream in particular, dreams I been having long before there was a Bush, to an Obama to a Trump Administration, just some of the names rooted and grounded in the end of everything the western world since the Roman Empire itself. Oddly, the dream I named 'The Stumbling of Syed Farook, you see a huge container felled on Saddam too, heard it explained how Hussein was injured and wouldn't recover; the next we knew, Hussein Obama was running the nation and the world over and if you leave it to western conspiracy he still is, baptizing the world along the Antichrist entry.
     -I explained months ago how while I was sitting outside enjoying a stunning though windy day, from the corner of my eye this strange thing. A yellowy, news article quite a few feet away, seem to be spying on me, from around the corner of the house you see. Soon blowing in the wind and all tossed about, just this tumble weed of a news article, first here, then there, just itching ever so close at making it my way. Although I was busy doing other things, this sun burn, blunder couldn't mean anything, just a blowing in the wind.
     -Amazingly, that's not until being so far away it's managed to settle just there,  right beside me, the chair I sat in, ok, so now I'm curious, I lean over, pick it up, all dry and crusted. So I open up it's made aware just to be curious, the first thing I see is a picture of Syed Farook and his wife and this news about, whether the FBI should be allowed to hack into his iphone for it's contents? Curious? Yes, you see this wasn't the first time I'd seen this man's face, the morning before I would see Syed Farook face plastered on social media/facebook this terrorist.
     -Lets' just say, when I did see him, I said, that's the man I just dreamed about, I'd studied his well groomed dark hair, his medium brown skin, but especially it was his eyes, dead, yet piercing, brooding. He'd walked up to me, the driver side of my running, awaiting automobile and he began talking to me, I can't tell you nothing he said, only that he reached toward me, bearing a USB adapter, file keeper that he connected oddly enough into my steering column. Then to be honest, the next I knew he was driving, with me it's panic passenger, driving rather reckless, so much so I asked, and I quote, "where are you taking me?"
     -Here ended my experience with Syed Farook until his face on social media and now here, this fumbling. tumbling weed of a news article. Islamic armies of this caliber been coming US soil every since this night of 1998. I was dozing into a dream, it was then I saw the name Jeremiah, and the numbers 37:8, this particular scripture describes an army of enemy soldiers that will come despite how mightily war is made against them, they will come, they will take our cities, they will burn them with fire.
     -I been given Ezekiel 4, twice since, which is the fulfillment of what Jeremiah prophesied, even presently which would explain seeing the White House. Seriously, into most of this country burn, heard the eastern seaboard pronounced as gone, as in wiped out, in what was frightfully demonstrated as a triple threat. One pending US soil, (Natural; see Yellowstone types, Planetary; see Nibiru's types, and Military; see Islam to Asian enemies, with Russia and others allying, see Rev. 17:16-18, 18 chpt., beware as always, Apb, the RAM, see here,  

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