Tuesday, August 29, 2017

And I Heard In My Hearing Woman Why Weepiest Thou?

     -Still I Need To Say, There Is Something About August 29th, I Know Harvey, A Historic Hurricane Has Come Ashore Since, That Trump Will Be Visiting Texas Any Day Now, Still Holy Spirits Were Specific About, This Date, August 29th

-Is God As Angry Right Now As The Days Of Noah And Greater? I heard A Command Lately, That All Parents be Killed By, That All Schools Be Finished, That 50 Million Will Die, 2002 and 2017, Even More Frightening, That God Is Avenging Martyred Blood, So You Tell Me! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MU4vSWt_998

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-And I Heard In My Hearing, The Lyrics singing In My Ears, "no winter cold, can stop me babe," (soon by research, I would learn these lyrics are taken from the song, 'ain't no mountain high enough; to keep me from getting to you babe. Further meaning all those awaiting a spring rapture are to be reassured, He that promised and prophesied is faithful and trustworthy. That absolutely nothing this planet will prevent the Bridegroom of the Bride at this time, Stand)! Apb, www.thefourthofthegodhead15.blogspot.com
-What did I see? I saw he Bride now reigning in heaven, having in her possession the stone cut out
without hands (Dan. 4), I saw that it had the surface of a meteor, that when she released it, I heard a voice announce, "this is the Antichrist murderer." Beware, As the days of Daniel into Antichrist, Apb

     -I Forewarn President Trump Declaring Peace And Safety, Would Come As Apostle Paul Forewarn Of Such Declarations, Now An Outbreak Of Sudden Destruction

     -A Commentor argument how man's failure should be blamed of the elevation of the woman not keeping her place or being place, Continues

     -Prophetic with Amazing Grace, without the woman seed, thus the woman, God could not have shaped her womb into the Christ and Savior of the world. This revelation of truth could be why he, Jesus God manifested in the flesh had such a special relationship with the woman, perhap that some of his greatest lessons, even revealing that He alone is also the Christ of resurrection. Though any one in him be dead yet shall they live, that he will raise them up on the last day, now come possibly this September 23rd -25th. This truth again is possibly why Satan choose her as the first victim of his deception, knowing that from her womb. That is by One act of love would sprang forth salvation for all mankind and not even the gates of hell would prevail against it. Herein why his failed attempt to discredit her womb from the forbidden fruit, into the Abomination of women cohabitation with Angels. Now here lately, Mystery America, it's mightiest not only Islamic Shariah law, corrupting God/Moses laws, but the approved Law of same sex marriage, what I call the breaking of the rainbow covenant, hindering as to transgress Christ's Cross.
     -Especially of what I ask lately as a year or more past, unintentionally sending my granddaughter crying laughing, affecting me as well. However when I said, sitting the park one day, "and they wonder where all this flooding is coming from?" If the rainbow covenant is broken there will be water and lots and lots of it, why I witnessed a towering wall of it, just staying it's position, awaiting orders only God can give, only God!. Where I as well, witnessed an angel, parked the heavens above, having a pitcher in hand, pouring water on the earth. then last but not least. It's why I saw especially our grandsons, as those swimming with the fishes and enjoying this flirting with disaster, no less all unrecognizable judgments. You possibly didn't understand when I described the legalization of abominations as same sex marriage, now calling for the death of all parents, the end of all transgender traps for our children, their schools, that they all be finished, that' ALL parents, that's ALL schools.
     -Evenly so why I named this most detestable of sexual abnormalities, a genocidal mutation of the Genesis man/marriage of crucifying Christ aflesh this continuous, this beyond imagined curse, even that God is going to stand for this? I mean think about it, it's the only sexual sin Jesus's wrath addressed openly, here/hear His Warning to those whores to abominable leading into whorish abominations, named Jezebel. "I will cast you into a bed, they lovers into great tribulations except ye repent, (see www.2016onewayprayer.blogspot.com) and I will kill your children with death."  Just as so, knowing how extraordinarily the woman would be used to restore the Adam they'd broken, now God Elohim's promise to mother Eve. This unveiling of Lucifer's beginning evil is probably the reason why doing the 'Revelation 12 sign,' given as a word of knowledge only weeks past.

    -It is that the great red dragon is pictured this predator, awaiting the woman's birth, from Israel, to Christ, to the Bride. Miraculously right into the resurrection of the Saints into that of the 144,000 and just as soon the Tribulation Saints to follow. Undoubtedly it's the witnessed of the Bride, 02/14/2015, now reigning in heaven, having in her possession the stone cut out without hands, itself having the surface of a meteor, (see Niribu even having wings, as I seen of Christ's Jesus), whose release is described clearly, as the Antichrist murderer.  Surely it is that he's to devour her divine offspring, only now captured, as in raptured into heaven out of evil's hand forever and forever. Instead and mightily this reigning with Woman's Seed, as to reign with God's Throne into this Ancient of days, Come Eternal Kingdom. So now even as Forest Gump would say, sorry, well I'm not sorry of course, God is to finish all evil.
     -Though quoting him, (this great whore, host offer of  the leopard skin, predatory lending expert at distractions into delusions), again quoting Gump, I'm sorry for spoiling your black panther party, ((Black Lives Matter To White Supremacy, civil upheaval to New World Order, instead the nations are angry, the seventh trumpet readies, see why here, Rev. 11). Clearly the only one whose birth son has spoiled for eons and eons demons to devils to ah yeah, the great red dragon, their sordid plan for God's creation only by the speed of ones blinking eye, is said male child, snatched right out. In eerie conclusion, into the breaking of the rainbow covenant, I was viewing Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart when he was warning parents. Especially about sending their daughters off to college, how it would be a grantee they would return as lesbians; now here this, that was over thirty years ago. Now, well I glanced a topic while visiting 'Now The End Begin,' website, (NTEB.com).
      -This is where they presented an article about, a British School, it's teachers association advising how children as young as 2 years old be introduced to the transgender lifestyle. As I forewarn before, God is seeing this, He created the woman seed to restore the Adam into one new man/living spirit, they'd broken, the first Adam and Satan. Only presently, especially the LGBTQ and P for pedophile movement incorrigibly striking to desecrate everything intended, promised and prophesied the Genesis man/marriage. Now you're still telling Apostle knowing this, yes totally for these thousands of years Christ's Cross without excuse; you all still don't know how much trouble you all are in, right now, being it the molten lava of the molten lava of reaping? Though I've known these 31 springs, I was made to know additionally when I heard Holy Spirits only like a month or so past, and I quote, "get ye to repentant altars, God is avenging martyred blood. It would seem this forewarning 1998, had gone from get to all branded altars of Christ, darkness, (end time evil, beast rising 2008, Obama's Administration, 2008-2015), is coming?"
     -Only remember, Jesus said simply repent or perish, as simply as that, again I heard just as I open my eyes, "get ye to repentant altars, God is avenging martyred blood." Terrifyingly meaning when we reach this point of God's Wine Press, no flesh shall be saved from it's reaping, thus the cry not only that Antichrist will kill millions going broke right now, these pending worthless treasures. Hence I quote, "God's said He will Kill millions, with a pending death toll of 50 million. Fret not, those redeemed of Christ are holy spirits unto glorification and ascension, originally what Christ meant when he declared, not event the gates of hell could prevail against them. Thus Jesus being the blessed death  for them, the second death has no power over them, you are ascended, Stand, Fret not thyself, rather trust, delight and commit, and God, from which every good gift and perfect descend, why Jesus admonish us in the beginning to only build treasures in heaven, It is because for where a man treasure are there is also his heart, so what does wind, dust and fire treasures profit, well I tell you as the prophet Isaiah, hell hath enlarged itself? Get ye to altars of Jesus in your knees, your Salvation Is Here!    

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