Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Evacuating Exit South Georgia Into The Exodus Of America, Preppers Be Weary Of Death Come From Beneath The Earth

    -I kept seeing this reference to 40 days past the eclipse and it's significance, so when I calculated just now, 08/22/2017, 40 days, I arrived the total fulfillment of the Intrepid Dream Time Table, October, 2017. Whats even more harrowing, since nothing significance come of this specialized happening, except like a grounds hog days it's to act as a projection of all the phenomenons troubles we're speeding toward, meaning, this time is yet set, and all those following the ministry like or not, you have 40 days to get afar from a volcano eruption so mighty, it's possible recorded Revelation 6, it's sixth seal, and possibly what john was witnessing when he described the heaven rolling back like a scroll,I witnessed this see more here, www.thephoenix1012.blogspot.com.
     -How many of you reading here know, Russia's Putin and their seismologist are warning of something similar, Russia who just dodged a cataclysmic bullet suffering no injuries to it of God's perfect timing, a literally 8'0, a 7.7 earthquake 08/17/2017. Herein these troubles, that are so concerning to be accurate FEMA who are as well warning these areas be evacuated, this detour of the presidential foot in Trump's mouth, of crying peace and safety in the midst of master disaster, an abomination all it's own. just as so FEMA, declaring these targeted areas a state of emergency should be, as is Holy Spirits, calling on mandatory evacuations from the West coast into the mid-south, Memphis Tennessee, the new Madrid fault line. I shared a dream years past whereas I overheard the conversation of territorial spirits, I also call them Prince Beast, the prophet Daniel's reference, Prince of Grecia, 9th chapter, they were discussing getting the focus of master disasters particularly, the midsouth.
     -Beware, these evacuations could be the first of America to become permanent into indefinite, seeing we're referencing nation to world enders. The chances are an eruption the size of Yellowstone, something pending 40 days after the eclipse, October 2017, these 15.10 years, of the Intrepid Dread Timetable. of course if we're talking the death rider vision, come from beneath the earth, 1996, we're talk twenty years right into the days of John's Revelation we're into thousands of years, how it, a Yellowstone eruption will act as a domino effect to all other teetering on their edge three primary fault lines, who in their natural events are forms of master disasters all their own. sincerely, this is what was so major about the moving to Georgia dream 2015, in this dream not only was there the demonstration of the Brides' rapture, the pending Tribulation Saints, th rebellious exit to exodus, we're being shown  the end of the two weeks and seven years disguised as the Obama administration end of the dispensation of grace, the church age and thus Western Civilization world rule, Mystery America, so looking at a world without the influence of these three powers from glory to judgment then you're to better understand the end time American exodus.
     -I know I said the 50 million death toll is set, as in predestined, even that a divine census witnessed performed right out of the lamb's book of life has been realized, meaning the separation of the wheat and tares, the righteous from the unrighteous, the cursed dead from the blessed dead, God, know who you are. Though right this very second, the divine intervention shown Russia's earthquake event, that by an act of decision you are the only one empowering whether to seal this fate, as to whether or not you escape into exodus. Speaking of fate, just as mightily as Trump voters were crying, Trump make America great again, remember, it was right before his inauguration that this unrealizable death toll dating back to the days of Clinton, was again announced in my ear, so the Holy Spirits response to a call on a greater America, was met with a staggering reminder that America's is instead a nuclear fate, reaping a nuclear attack sown, undoubtedly the well publicized world wide tug of nuclear Trump and Kim seem to be in, all beginning, all presently targeting western soil into western civilization  

     -The Eclipse as not seen in America since 1776, Of Angel Gabriel 2004, Warning All Is Unto Fulfillment, Mark 17 And 7, 2003

    -Is this a sign for America to repent? I believe one of the most troublesome word lately, beside Holy Spirits placing the word NOW in a word puzzle spelling out Judgment Now, and showing the word now additionally as a blinking light of caution, was the cry of Holy Spirits, that men get to repentant altars, god is avenging martyred blood, this call to repentance is more heavy than any other, because Holy Lords a referencing the fulfillment of not only another seal, but the mightiest because God is saying he's hearing into acting upon the cries of the martyred, dating back brother cain murdering brother Abel into God's anointed under prosecution this very second, such reaping of guilty blood will be so cataclysmic, men at this time are recorded in Revelation as crying, like present days preppers great and small barreling under the earth, and escaping to hills and mountains, fall on us and hide us, for the great day of God's wrath is come and who shall be able to stand? Frightfully right now, millions are looking at being dead, millions dead this tug of nuclear war, millions dead of God's wine press, millions dead the Antichrist, this is why I deem Trump, even again this morning claiming for America peace and safety is as even Russia is warning a run for your souls signal.
When I finally took a look at the Eclipse Trajectory only a few days ago, what I inventfully saw, was the trajectory of a Yellowstone eruption, this nation sudden, come complete deletion acting itself as a domino effect igniting all these various fractured volcanoes, San Andres, The California Subduction Zone, the New Madrid, from the western seaboard into the midsouth, right along the way, why i've been seeing an exodus out of this country for as long as I've been the great gathering of saints, these 31 springs.

That Scripture Pastor Begley, II Chron. 7:14, 15, was my first ever pulpit message of God, this showing himself to this then babe in Christ, by an open vision 1986, my grooming mirror, of having his throne backed into them and a cry, "God has turn his back on the church

Presidency of the greatest rule this world since Rome and The British Empire, Mystery America seeming to be teetering on edge is because it is built upon the an assigned timetable that is now finished, the dispensation of grace, finished, the church age finished, the intrepid dream time table finished, Obama's administration, a prelude to the Antichrist rule by the source of eliminating nations, a movement of self awareness, self, into self righteousness and self. Blood fire and pillows of smoke, is God's wine judging martyred blood, by the eruption of yellow stone, the death rider from beneath tthe earth, whose spoke will crystallize the heavens into great shods of glass targeting and killing millions not only except they repent but except they exodus. meaning further as the days of Moses, now come before the greatest of leaders, as the dream of Obama, this world meeting 2008, being declared the one, that it;s time all their slaves of sins be released into repentance, those in rule over them crying peace and safety, this mighty transgression all it's own and God is left inquiring nicely that his people be release from the greatest rule over his people, of religious to political rule ever, John's great whore, allying the great beast, this great whore looking at it's own desolation that is Mystery meaning the rule of the world falls into the hands of the end time beast, that is Daniel's final week of years 2017/18-2024/2025, mark 17 and 7, Jesus snatch out the Bride, 2017/18, Jesus return the Bride 2024/2025, not only 17 and 7 but the next alike eclipse.

I was in heaven, I was in great celebrations of dinners there, a holy one approached and said, "he want to see you,"(this intermission, possibly the silence in heaven, see John, see revelation 8:1), soon I'm standing before a mountain in heaven from which a brightness like the sun emerges (the sunlight of God, arriving with healing wings, Malachi, Apostle, 1986), and it speaks, "let my people go,') hence all the reference here of the working of holy spirits, Elohim God, doing the says of old right into the nanosecond present countdown into the Bride's Escape

Knowing, explain the moving to Georgia Dream

decorations of peace an abomination to God all it's on

the forty days, same as moses, sane as Haggae, same as Jesus,  the prophet Hagge

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