Monday, August 28, 2017

-Is God As Angry Right Now As The Days Of Noah And Greater? I heard A Command Lately, That All Parents be Killed By, That All Schools Be Finished, That 50 Million Will Die, 2002 and 2017, Even More Frightening, That God Is Avenging Martyred Blood, So You Tell Me!

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-And I Heard In My Hearing, The Lyrics singing In My Ears, "no winter cold, can stop me babe," (soon by research, I would learn these lyrics are taken from the song, 'ain't no mountain high enough; to keep me from getting to you babe. Further meaning all those awaiting a spring rapture are to be reassured, He that promised and prophesied is faithful and trustworthy. That absolutely nothing this planet will prevent the Bridegroom of the Bride at this time, Stand)! Apb,
-What did I see? I saw he Bride now reigning in heaven, having in her possession the stone cut out without hands (Dan. 4), I saw that it had the surface of a meteor, that when she released it, I heard a voice announce, "this is the Antichrist murderer." Beware, As the days of Daniel into Antichrist, Apb

-Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, see II Pet. 3:10-11, (be Christ altar/temple into Americas exodus),

President Trump Declared Peace And Safety, Now An Outbreak Of Sudden Destruction

-From The Escape Into The American Exodus, The Sunlight Returns With Healing For All Nations In His Wings, Per Eclipse 2017/18 Into Eclipse 2024/25, May God Bless All Escape to Exodus. Amen

-I told you guys, 2004, just as I heard it command that America, Britain, for alike abominations were commanded to be separated into itty bitty pieces. That since Trump's administration, even his declaration of peace and safety, Apostle warn was mighty dangerous as it could only as prophesied be followed with sudden destruction, just this outbreak of trouble that is come. Just as so I heard in my ear, and I quote, "smiling faces don't last, wipe Canada from the math," It is as I been telling you, especially over a decade now, we're looking at the end of western civilization by an unimaginable outbreak of disasters to an extinction level event, only months off. How you all are to be ware, as a death toll 2002, and 2017 of fifty millions has been set, as in predestined, all those procrastinating this escape to exodus are the prey and will surely fall the victim.
-I have a question, how many reading here ever said, no nation last forever, ever thought one day America will fall, one day like sin cities Sodom, Gomorrah, even as the fall of Mystery Apostle John testament of Revelation 17, 18? Okay. when the Angel Gabriel appeared 2004, he was warning we are that generation seeing and suffering this in the seventh Angel, (Rev. 11), before Daniel's week that is come, western rule, which includes America must more than decease, it is being deleted, so another question, just as Apostle Peter ask, do you really want to be here for this worse than the days of Noah, Moses, Sodom and Nimrod's crumbling tower, now, as in receiving the word puzzle 'Judgment now,' and the word 'Now,' as a blinking light of caution, all US soil? Thus the additional, single word I received lately, of "DECIDE!" AWAKE! Apb, The RAM, see here,

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