Thursday, August 24, 2017

-I know Ace Pilot, DUDDD, I was congratulating you for at least having the exiting of America on the mind, now all Holy Spirit need is two hundred and ninety, nine million more. Seriously death tolls in the tens of millions US soil, into an American exodus all pending , see here,, it's a 15.10 year timetable given Dec.2001, I just learn one day after eclipse will be fulfilled exactly 40 days later, just as the Jews holiday, feast of Trumpets. I got another dream, a demonstration of rapture, June 26th, 2015, where I was shown the estimated escape of the Bride, a September 23-25th, I know, I only learn months ago, is the date of the Revelation 12 sign. Again this was 2015, here it is two years later, and the most prophesied year of biblical history so far, ah yeah, this escape of 2015, was America's as well, both God's Trump Jesus, and America's Truexit, Trump, beware! And may God bless your exodus, Amen, Apb


     -Chris, I just learn one day after eclipse, the timetable of 190 months until America's judgement and exodus, 15.10, Dec 2001- Oct. 2017 will be fulfilled the 40 days into the Jewish holiday, of Feast Of Trumpets, this most ignored timetable just keep reinventing itself, now America's end into Israel final week of years, Dan. 9, this is why I witnessed 2016, Jesus glorious millennium follow Obama, remember if you're not raptured, America's exodus is Southeast into a complete exit, God is no longer supporting any form of western civilization, let that be a warning as well. Beware, Apb, see


     -I had to run to the stove, I'm frying chicken, but what else I had to say was, there's no telling what's going to happen between now and October. Especially Chris if the Revelation 12 sign of September 23rd, given to me doing the moving to Georgia dream, both the Bride's and America's time to exit, 2015, as an estimated time of escape, God have mercy on the soul, but lives lost will be in the total of Noah's day and staggeringly beyond that. I explained, how both 2002, and Jan. 2017, I heard a voice, lament, 50 million will die, I know, and I also know how Noah's felt knowing, seeing, accepting the harsh reality that so many people refusing to escape, were about to die, beware, Apb, also see,

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