Friday, August 25, 2017

     -Not Everyone That Call Me Lord, By The Strait Gate, Path, Enters Heaven

The Detour To Encounter,

     -I'm pretty sure I shared this short film, though with the Brides escape so near, I guess you can say Apostle is crossing every T and dotting all I' of divine reconciliation. Then as John the Revelator, the book of Revelation finish what he's doing. He then say, let those ungodly be ungodly still, let those unholy be unholy still, let those holy be holy still, let those godly be godly still. as so he then say just this miraculous thing and I quote him, "Even So Come Lord Jesus," and now these two thousand years later, He has, Jesus is closer to us right NOW than He was doing His own ascension.
     -This same Jesus forewarning a horde of believers following him, Mat. 7:21-23, how a day would come He would have to announce to them that he never truly knew them. Truthfully, heart heavily, as their sinful lives, regardless of their great gifts, gifts that are without repentance, prevented Him from having a relationship with them and they with Him. In this short film, The Encounter, although there are five various souls here, Jesus detoured along a one on one talk session (, there is this one in particular.
    -This young lady, failing in her life, her marriage whereas everyone and everything except dealing with her own sinful heart (I John 3), is the blame. Well she eventually like millions I shutter to say, she use church attendance, even the fact she's a Sunday school teacher as her defense. This was when this Jesus character explains she isn't saved, that she's simply a bitter church member that's destroying a potential beautiful marriage. That if He, Jesus, hadn't stranded her there that night, that night they all were suppose to die, heaven was not awaiting her, as I said, as admittedly as this Jesus character, there are millions sorely conflicted. Beware, Apb. The RAM,  see here as well, Christians or Churchians, decision 2017,

Jesus Told Me I Was Going To Hell, I Was Attending Church And Fornicating

 Escape To Rapture

  -Holy Spirits as with Lot and family, will protect and lead his out, I've seen it, I've seen them so precious as to care after the pending Tribulation Saints earthbound exodus, just as they care for the Bride's escape to heaven. Just as the Bride was entering the escape vehicle, 06/26/2015, the tribulation saints were being lead of an American Exodus Southeast into exit, both to be realized by a September 23 to 25th date, I witness this, even why I named Trump the Truexit. They, Holy Spirits been showing me both the Bride and America's escape for 31 springs since Jesus Himself appeared to me, spring 1986.
-Only, this is the first they've given me a when and where, where is either heaven or as far Southeast as Georgia, so I guess you can then guess what I would've done with a seven hundred million powerball, create an escape fund, huh? Then the same date this year, my children not understanding this. Well soon, I heard my daughter in law, my sons phone, ask, "is she ready?" They with much regret running to the aid of a sick loved one would move me to Georgia, exactly two years to the month and date of this dream, so 06/26/2015 -06/26/2017, these two years are explained so extraordinarily here, .
-Only once I arrived here, did I explain, so the Bride is being prepared this escape, yes, only seconds, to days to months off, but so is America being prepared this exit, tens of millions are being threaten, a predestined 50 million to perish, and that's only the beginning, thus Holy Spirits anxiousness to as well get them out of it. Even that they're using reapers bearing sword-like syringes, I've seen them, as to put a fire behind all procrastinating exodus, kinda what happen to Lot's wife, earth, wind, fire, water, performing themselves so dangerously and disastrously as to convince the many, beware, escape is predestined and may God, bless it, Apb, The RAM, see America's weight of blood guiltiness to it's judgment Dec. 2001-Oct. 2017, here, get Jesus, and flee! See,

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