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Life In The fire, So Overwhelmed

-It, Chris has been predestined, this curse of strong delusion upon none believers, that they wake up too late, still regardless, Holy Spirits to bible prophecy are relentless with warning them. Altogether, like I said before, if Trump can't be a President, unless he is their puppet, then he need to resign ending all these excuses and take as many Americans that will follow Him, out of it, it's all over any way. Get this, God's judgment is come US to Western soil is not an oddity at all, what was given Obama this curse is all that was life. It doesn't matter if they dodge one or the other, unimaginable horrors to death and soil tolls are come and on this constant you are being warn to get out stage Southeast or suffer the worse this nation into this world, ever! Beware, see more here, -And I Heard In My Hearing, The Lyrics singing In My Ears, "no winter cold, can stop me babe," (soon by my research, I would learn these lyrics are taken from the song, 'ain't no mountain high enough; to keep me from getting to you babe. Further meaning all those awaiting a spring rapture are to be reassured, He that promised and prophesied is faithful and trustworthy. That absolutely nothing this planet will prevent the Bridegroom of the Bride at this time, Stand)! Apb, -My Prayer, To Have Music So Anointed, Holy Spirit Want To Stay In My, Our Present, And God Be Blessed Selah, God, I Trust You, I'm So Overwhelmed By This Song, Mercy, -Sinach Call It Way Maker, I call It You are Here,, Something Apostle been telling you about Christ Lord months now, that He, Jesus is here, some teach doing this time of awaiting this fullness of a nano-second, the Bride's rapture. As so some have figured that Jesus and those Holy Anointed assisting will park like 6000 feet above us, then at this shout, the Archangel voice, and God's Trump, possibly the Angel Gabriel, we'll ascend to Him there. -These amazing lyrics, so listen to them, well they explain why I told a new acquaintance lately, while sitting outside this stunning mansion wilderness. That is how every corner of every building should be filled with praying knees endlessly summoning this Lord blessedness back into our one eternity, the hearts and souls of men. A thousand years of divine heaven on earth, yes the one we been summoning God's Kingdom after, let's pause momentarily, if these beyond spiritual songs totally slay us to Christ, yes Christ, don't stop praising His Name. -Wonderfully there is no wonder flesh and blood cannot, and the emphasis is on cannot inherit God's Kingdom, there is no way flesh and blood could ever in a million times bare it, thus our glorified bodies. Meaning, Enoch and Elijah waiting in heaven these thousands of years, those come two olives branches of end time witnesses, have to be set apart from the rest of the blood redeemed. I beg you, as the Apostle Paul once pleaded with us, even King Solomon, the most powerful and wisest man on this planet, fall in love with God, He alone is worthy, there is no other worth having. -Right now America facing worthy judgment, reaping tons of blood guiltiness sown, yet Holy Spirits are in your, our ears, calling on you to repent and to escape into exodus, plainly, just as Jesus is here for the righteous, God's wrath is here, for the rebellious. Those procrastinators are constantly bombarded by reapers setting fire behind them that they get to Jesus and get out. get out right now! I know you can't imagined a 50 million person instant death toll, 2002, 2017, but these specialist keeping reminding us how entire cities will be wiped clean, how long would it ten take to add up to these unthinkable numbers? I tell you what, don't stay around to find out, get to exodus, awake, repent, escape, in this order, and may God bless it, Amen!

To Trump The Truexit,

-Every exodus I've seen out of America these 31 springs, were always people of various ethnicities, even the one my granddaughter told me about as early as 2016. First she remembered experiencing a black out. an EMP kind or a Carrington event, as you see, in the dream even utility companies, were made incapable. Ah, cars were useless as well, of my seeing so many bike riders, even three on one, this judgment. It was then she begin to see, they all just started walking, all of them, all people of different ethnicities, they just started walking together in the direction of south east. however this same grand daughter told me of an additional dream portrayed here,, this parable, that further explains why these various exoduses are made up of persons of various cultures, but only one blood, Adam's lineage or that of the last Adam, the woman seed, New Birth, Jesus. Still one of the most graphic of these various exoduses I witnessed, 2005, happen as a number of people of all kind, shapes, colors and kinship were being evacuated along both sides of my house into a then barricaded south, even Mexican border. -I explained how seeing President Obama, just as soon First Lady Obama and even more concerning the little Miya Girl, (Mayan Migration to Exodus), Dunlap street, of not wanting to face reality. Then to have that undeniable followed late 2016 by witnessing Jesus glorious millennium ascending into Obama's depleted timetable, where all proof to evidence such a time as this had actually come into complete fruition. The inedible is upon the US, where Trump' into apocalypse as I first predicted is indeed the Truexit, and can't fix nor save a predestined into these desolation's America if He was God, Himself, God, being a God of His prophecies, word and promises. Of course these various escapes being of all sort of people make sense, since the unnumbered of tribulation saints that Apostle John testified of seeing, you know, now with robes washed and made white by the Lamb's Blood, were of every ethnicity, tongue, kindred and people, standing before the Throne day and night, forever with Him, hallelujah, I say, awake, repent, escape, in the order and may God bless your exodus, Amen, see also here,

To Escape Or Not To Escape, Seem To Be The Question, As to Receive The Word, Decide!

-Allyson sister in Christ, I know him these 31 springs, yet He allows us warning for a reason, and when we don't take heed then we're tempting Him. If there is a getting to safety for you, God not only want it for you, He expects it, to lead by example, see Jesus explaining how to escape dangers, Mat. 24, and here, Rev. 18, don't tempt, God, reapers have been seen targeting procrastinators, beware! Apb, see here,

-God always create a safe-haven for his, if Israel have Petra, then there is a place of escape these thousands of years of forewarning of come cataclysms US soil for those either into exit with Christ leading by example or an escape into the exodus that is now America. Believe Apostle, I'm not just guess this, the timetable given is finished and right now by visions and dreams these 31 springs, though it's temporary, Southeast into a complete exit is where God is driving His people, those faithful into the pending Tribulation Saints. As I said, like Eze. 4-9, I've seen reapers bearing sword-like syringes, (overdoses are now an outbreak in the land), chasing procrastinators for the slaughter, get out before tens of millions are dead into the great American stampede, Apb, see here.
-Disasters coming will affect the West into the mid-south most of all, by the time Holy Spirits like a Prophet Ezekiel took into a fly over the country in Judgement, there was west coast into the east nor south, it was already gone. Just as some, continuing cataclysms was tearing at the rest, even the white house before they portrayed it the left behind moves was totally engulfed in flames, as so there was a damaged Kennedy Space center, and before I was free of it, just as I'd heard a first attack that was Guam, that North Korea is threatening right now. As so doing this fly over, I heard that the entire eastern seaboard was gone, I don't know if you read it, but the intrepid dream time table I shared is about America. -The Western world coming into judgment as the days of the prophets, Christmas night 2001 and would have 190 months, that's 15.10, 2001-2017 until fruition. This timetable could be disputed, except right now, everything that can staged an extinction level event US soil as I've seen many decades are all showing heighten activity right now, this timetable. From the tug of Nuclear War, a Yellowstone type eruption, Nibiru, A Carrington Event and lest we forget, the Saints have never been so close to rapture. All shown also as America's exit to exodus, to the point Jesus has shown Himself, here, pending such the escape, a world trouble all it's own, no prophecies, speeding us into the week of Daniel of any man can be this accurate, only God's Into His Anointed. Apb, see,

Things I've Seen and Heard Doing Bush' War On The Axis Of Evil, 2003, Declared One Error/Era Into A New Fearfactor, (From Noah's Ark to the Little Miya Girl in the room, refusal to accept judgement into Deletion, Threatening The Lives Of Millions),

-Seen To be seeing A Us General hand horse off to the Prophet Jeremiah,
-Seen To be seeing Islamic Terrorist awarded diamond wedding rings for their efforts against the west,
-Seen to be seeing a build up of torture vehicle for as far as the eyes could see, a Us general lamenting, "don't be alarmed men, Mede is very dirty,"
-Seen to be granted an 11 O'clock shopping lunch hour, just as military loved ones are suffering the worse of tortures ever seen to seeing charred US solders being serve up on a plate, even an all you can eat counter

-Everything you are saying Chris, seeming the recipe for destroying the rebellious man explain not only the death toll 2017, as I'd heard 2002, concerning the rise of 4 continents to nations, Asia, America, Japan and Russia, that was again reminded just as Trump took, office, meaning it's predestined. I also witnessed the Antichrist in great prowess, so all this evil you're all seeing pending on historic to biblical portion is again proof of the dark times. Even the end of times, the most dangerous and deadliest ever or ever again, then Chris it was the rise of America, and the death and dying it takes to build a nation. Get this, This is god's earth, kingdom and nations rise and fall according to bible prophecy, America into Western Rule are being evicted into the final week of Daniel, even the sounding of the seventh angel, desolation's have been set, there is no turning back, those who remain are predestined, this 50 million death yo souls toll. -Right now into it's the end, here now is the prophesied these thousands of years of men and beast, this insurmountable blood shed that goes into saving a nation, it make sense holy Spirits are evacuating as many as will hear and follow, as to say let the dead have at the dead, then judgment, then hell. I inhale and pause, as I wonder, am I talking to a brick wall, are you Chris simply a kettle calling a pot black of not listening to the truth yourself? Ask yourself, is there anyway, 31 springs ago, I would know by 2017, everything that can make an extinction level event would all be lined up one behind or beside another, because this would be the exact time of America's judgment. To be honest, when I received many of these visions to prophecy about her end, the year 2000 was so futuristic to me, I never thought I would actually see it, awake Chris, wake President Trump to end-time bible prophecy, as you just related, right now, as in right now, tens of millions of lives depend on it! My Prayer, please God, don't give up on evacuating Millions on endangered Americans, Apb, The RAM!

     -And I Heard In My Hearing, The Lyrics singing In My Ears, "no winter cold, can stop me babe," (soon by my research, I would learn these lyrics are taken from the song, 'ain't no mountain high enough; to keep me from getting to you babe. Further meaning all those awaiting a spring rapture are to be reassured, He that promised and prophesied is faithful and trustworthy. That absolutely nothing this planet will prevent the Bridegroom of the Bride at this time, Stand)! Apb,

     -My Prayer, To Have Music So Anointed, Holy Spirit Want To Stay In My, Our Present, And God Be Blessed

Selah, God, I Trust You, I'm So Overwhelmed By This Song, Mercy,

Underestimation, This Damaging To Damning Thing

     -I'm sure many great nations under God's judgment thought the same about a seeming lesser evil, only said under estimation cause them and their people greatly; the emphasis here, in case you didn't get it, is a nation under God's judgment, is easily toppled, beware. Hence the warning behind America's own hand writing on the wall (Dan. 5), of judgment, Jeremiah, 37:8, the same Prophet Jeremiah, I witnessed 2003, a US General hand off his war horse too. 

     -I seldom say, but it was around the same time I witnessed a huge container fall on Saddam Hussein and then heard a voice, lament, Saddam is injured and will not recover, Little did I realize,right into Hussein Obama's this was like King Nebuchadnezzar, (Dan.2) witnessed of the stone cut out without hands, falling from heaven crushing all nation building. That's from Ancient Babylon to Mystery Babylon, housing, as to host a come to it's end, Western Civilization, beware, God's Wine Press Is Come for America, crying aloud get ye to repentant altars, meaning the answer presently to Prophet Ezekiel's emotional inquiry is yes, God will at this time destroy the whole of America, (of Western Rule, Rev. 17 and 18), get ye to Christ, get ye into exodus and may God bless you for it!  

Twenty years, curious, seeing my prophetic parables are all based on or rooted and grounded in a proposed, 1986, twenty year extension of Grace, again curious, actually right into the intrepid dream time table, 2001-2017, Apb, see here,

– The Happening, Signs And Wonders, The Revelation 12 Sign, 2017

-We know according to the Intrepid Dream Timetable, of America’s 190 months until judgment, December 2001, that something cataclysmic as the days of Ezekiel 4, causing America to Western Rule to lose 190 years of technology is pending only a month or so from now. I can admit, everything capable of causing such sudden damage are all showing heighten to deadly activity right now. Come is all these Catastrophes, with a death toll, both 2002 and 2017, of 50 million pending, so since Clinton right into nothing but excuses, Trump the Truexit, beware, claiming peace and safety right now, is as deadly as their tug of nuclear war, beware, procrastination is deadly, escape into exodus, and may God bless it! Apb, Amen

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Scientists Warn-The Next Mega Tsunami And Earthquake Could It Happen Here: Hawaii,Alaska,U.S. West Coast,U.S. Gulf Coast,U.S. East Coast.... Article...

The Seven Vials, see here,

     -I kept seeing this reference to 40 days past the eclipse and it's significance, so when I calculated it just now, 08/22/2017, 40 days, I arrived the total fulfillment of the Intrepid Dream Time Table, October, 2017, I know how extraordinary, this timetable keep discovering ways to reinvent itself, this ceaseless warning, that the spring of 1986, of Jesus's appearing to me, I would know and understand this impossibility, of America's end to exodus. Whats even more harrowing, since nothing of visible significant come of this specialized happening, except like a ground hog's day, this solar eclipse 2017 is to act as a projection of all the phenomenons troubles we're speeding toward right now. As well meaning, this time is yet set, and all those following the ministry like it or not, you have 40 days to get as afar from a volcano eruption so mighty, it's possibly recorded Revelation 6, it's sixth seal, and possibly what John was witnessing when he described seeing the heavens roll back like a scroll, something in my prophecy link I described seeing, so see more here,

     -How many of you reading here know, Russia's Putin and their seismologist are warning of something similar, Russia who just dodged a cataclysmic bullet suffering no injuries to it of God's perfect timing of divinity, a literally 8'0 of  a 7.7 earthquake 08/17/2017. Herein these troubles, that are so concerning to be accurate FEMA who are as well warning these areas be evacuated, just this detour of the Presidential foot in Trump's mouth. That's this world leader instead crying peace and safety in the midst of master disasters, surely an abomination all it's own, surely the fury I witness come into God's face doing Trump's campaign. Just as so FEMA, if they're to declare these targeted areas a state of emergency should be, as are Holy Spirits, calling on mandatory evacuations from the West coast into the mid-south, Memphis Tennessee, the new Madrid fault line. This apostle birth home and living until unknowingly being relocated exactly two years to the date and month 2015, of what I've named the moving us to Heaven/Georgia dream; exit stage Southeast and get out, you are without excuse, get out now! Reapers like the days of Ezekiel, are and will continue to target all procrastinators. Beware! Apb 

-We Know any earthquake of this size California, will also affect the New Madrid, even Yellowstone would be in danger. All these deadliest of reasons for the stampeding of people Southeast into exodus. Truly, Jesus will save His, this rapture, but Holy Spirits are working toward the Tribulation Saints safety as well. Even that we, The Bride are to lead this escape this example, this simple act of obedience, awake, repent, escape, in this order, Apb, and may God bless, it, Amen,

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