Sunday, August 20, 2017

Behold It Is Death, Come From Beneath The Earth, Coming For All Forgetting Christ

 -And I Heard My Hearing 2017, "kill all parent by, finish all schools, 99 bowls of molten lava, the word "HORRIBLE," seen plucked out. A cry yours is a nuclear fate, a voice crying 2002, and 2017, that 50 million will die, now pending an abrupt exit of all of America. The words 'Judgment Now,' the word "Now," as a blinking light of caution, the cry, get ye to repentant altars, God is avenging martyred blood," fulfilling the 5th seal. There's "let my people go into the end time exit to exodus of America, cried as the days of Moses, the Sunlight of God, from behind a Mountain in heaven, the words, Revelation, The words Revelation 12 Sign, Judgment, then simply, Decide!

-Yellowstone Caldera more active just as an ELE is pending US soil, infecting tens of millions of lives, than it's been from between a half of million to 6 hundred million years, Huh!,

     -Behold It Is Death, Come From Beneath The Earth, Come Against All Forgetting Christ!

     -I have been ministering all of these things since Jesus appeared to me, as a demonstration of the great gathering of saints, 1986, a spring morning, instantly ordaining me an Apostle/Prophet, why lately I been warning and warning how they're all come, , or read here, just an out break of master disasters to mortuary. Although while visiting heaven and heaven visiting me, what I've seen lately, wasn't only the Bride now reigning in heaven, having in her possession the stone cut out without hands and It, Jesus' Reign, having the surface of a meteor but described as the Antichrist murderer. Even more phenomena, I stood a witness 2015, of the Lamb's book of life being open, not only being crafted into an amazing roll call, but into a physically overwhelming census taking, meaning every of God's Anointed from Abel into this nano-second by nano-second, right now

     -And I Heard Doing A Visit From The Angel Gabriel, 2002, "The fulfillment of all thing is upon mankind, she's coming or going with the seventh angel," with a timetable into America's cataclysmic demise. 2001-2017,

     -Whereas I believe right here, you're making a report into the come fulfillment, the call Apostle John heard Rev. 7, commanding the four winds of cataclysms to hold back their God ordain fury until God's Anointed are sealed. So you can say the Bride though on this second by second countdown but for as long as it's here, committing unthinkable prayers of divine intervention, counted as righteousness, so much is just held up. So lest I forget and what is so urgent is that this outbreak of pending extinction level events are come into fruition one after another just as the intrepid dream time table predicted, 12/26/2001, that once 15.10 years are finished, 2001-2017; I must interject here, I received a word, a numerical a few weeks or so past where I heard the numbers, 8/18, this very date. Be also warn, weeks later, only a few days ago, I also heard a voice lament August 29th, now lest readers forget, doing a demonstration of rapture to America's exodus Obama's depleted time table, 2015, I was given a September 23-25th as a date of escape.
     -So what is come is the end of America to Western Rule, so beware of these Elephants to little Miya girls in the room of avoiding the obvious, just this lethal procrastination with reapers attacking This is why Apostle warn, that Revelation 17 is open, this reminder nations leaders will be persuaded by God, into the Antichrist rule, see Russia allying Syria's Assad. So sending and supervising these manners of catastrophes into world nations and rulers acting as a manner of detour toward their disobedient plans to rebellion driving them instead along end time fulfillment. All of western civilization this country this world is decreasing, as prophesied these 31 springs. Though let's be clear, it's only that Daniel week be fulfilled into the sounding of the seventh angel, so to be prophetically sincere, all nation building ends into Jesus's Millennium witnessed 2016, as to follow Obama's, awake, repent, escape, in this designed order, and may God bless it, Apb...

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