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Is God As Angry Right Now As The Days Of Noah And Greater?

Is God As Angry Right Now As The Days Of Noah And Greater? I heard A Command Lately, That All Parents be Killed By, That All Schools Be Finished, That 50 Million Will Die, 2002 and 2017, Even More Frightening, That God Is Avenging Martyred Blood, So You Tell Me!

     -Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, II Pet. 3:11,

-At an appointed time the earth as we know it is going to be destroyed, the Apostle Peter (II Pet. 3:10,11), described a masterful inferno that consumes it all as is portrayed the movie knowing, some say he's describing an exploding star, sun or atom, possibly several. Right now what we're seeing and suffering and are about to suffer all the greater are all things, and yes horrid things, hundreds of millions to trillions dead, tens of millions US soil, starting I just learn 40 days past Eclipse the 15.10 years 2001 timetable will also as the Jewish holiday be fulfilled into America's complete, non-stoppable desolation and just as soon, the Antichrist, Israel's.
-I'll just say it like this, Jesus thousands of years prior to the end of days said something similar, we're seeing and again suffering what has to happen if Jesus return, (Zech. 14, Jude 14, 15, Rev. 19), not rapture, (I Thess. 4:16-18, I Cor. 15:51-58), if Jesus' return is only seven years off. When the Angel Gabriel appeared 2004, said all is unto fulfillment, four years later I would witnessed the two beast of Revelation 13 rise, these two Beast of all Beast this earth, pretty, the abomination that maketh desolate, Jesus, Mat. 24, admonished Israel to escape. There was one from land, I witnessed this just as Apostle John, right around Obama's campaign, there was one from sea these two beast into debating Hussein filling stations and nothing Western Civilization into all nation building, ALL, was ever the same. -The Prophet Daniel by Angels Gabriel, the Archangel Michael allying and one described as the 'Man In Linen," possibly an incarnate Jesus, was being forewarn about this approaching little horn of these end times, Daniel 11, 12. The Apostle John witnessed them clearly as end time Antichrist and false Prophet, so I don't think Homero we realized first the world out cry 2003, the spirit world, that a Hussein reign, there were marches this nation, this world; no less fulfilling Jesus warning that Israel, that mankind would accept another. Nor did we realize, how speedily all prophecy, those leading up to three primary biblical events had to happen within 18.10 years past Gabriel's 2004 appearance. Those prophecies leading to and proceeding the rapture, as so those prophecies leading to and fulfilling Daniel's Final Week, (Dan. 9), the worse of it and then those proceeding Jesus' Return, end time prophecies are done.
-That's only with one huge, gigantic exception of Jesus' one thousand year reign, I witnessed 2016, as to follow Hussein Obama's 2008-2015, two weeks and seven year timetable. So we're talking some 80% of thousands of years of bible prophecy, none returning void, realized in less than two decades, now we're down to seven years, the worse for the world, for Israel ever, or ever again, no wonder end time fulfillment appear to be on fire right now, no pun intended. Awake, repent, escape, in this order, and may God bless it, Apb, The RAM, see also, 

144,000 Sealed 09/23/2017

Early To MightEarly To Mighty

O The Blood,

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-And I Heard In My Hearing, The Lyrics singing In My Ears, "no winter cold, can stop me babe," (soon by my research, I would learn these lyrics are taken from the song, 'ain't no mountain high enough; to keep me from getting to you babe. Further meaning all those awaiting a spring rapture are to be reassured, He that promised and prophesied is faithful and trustworthy. That absolutely nothing this planet will prevent the Bridegroom of the Bride at this time, Stand)! Apb,

What did I see, 02/14/2015? I saw he Bride now reigning in heaven, having in her possession the stone cut out without hands (Dan. 4). I saw that it had the surface of a meteor, that when she released it, I heard a voice announce, "this is the Antichrist murderer." Beware, As the days of Daniel into the Antichrist reign, Apb

We Exalt Thee

-I woke in bed, 2015, the lyrics from a song playing endlessly in my head, "We Exalt Thee," it wasn't long before I begin to realize an additional time after 31 springs of ministry, I'd just return from a visitation to heaven. The Lamb's book of life, as recorded Revelation 20, was open and a roll call, I would soon realize was as well a divine census taking, was being performed right out of it's pages. This remarkable to tell, all while these stunning lyrics, this worship sound all around, we exalt thee. It was that every time one of these inscriptions would be announced, taken from this ancient scroll, miraculously it would rise from these specialty pages up and above all the participates head, all their eyes growing upward, so amazing grace and float and fitter into heavenly places, then on to the next.
-When woke or return, momentarily having memory of some of those names, soon dissipating, I remember feeling so physically overwhelmed, herein, I admit. I at one time asked myself, whether or not I'd just witnessed as well Heavens Throne address, of the 144,000, which is why unintentionally I admit, I shared this unspeakable experience here. I was also days later reminded, as it is also written the book of Revelation, whosoever name isn't written in the Lamb's book of life, shall be cast into a lake which burns with fire,. Still this prophetic point being, like in the days of Moses, the Prophet Ezekiel's ink horn man, and the sealing of of 144,000, their is now a mark separating between the righteous and the unrighteous, with a harrowing cry from Holy Spirit lately, this 2017, "get ye to repentant altars, God is avenging martyred blood," no less making reference to Revelation, 6, it's 5th seal, Beware, Apb. The RAM, see here,

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