Sunday, August 20, 2017

Woe! Woe! Woe! Horrible Is The First Of All Death Toll, Decide, Repent Or Perish!

-Holy Spirit has mightily shown us 1998-2017/24, what mountainous enemies, coming constantly like right out of the days of Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and others prophets of old, the book of Revelations these end time horrors, that is come. There's what I deemed America's hand writing on the wall, Jeremiah' 37:8.1998, then as to portray this evil as those granted diamond wedding rings for their efforts against Westerners into Christians. Right into this pile up of torture vehicles, stretched as far as the eyes could see, that a Us General deemed a dirty Mede, as in the Medes and Persian of the four beast Daniel witness rise from the sea, Dan. 7, one of the beast I witnessed recently my loved ones home recently, acting instead as a family pet, targeting God's Anointed, measuring how much trouble the rebellious are in.
     -There's the soon granted 11:00 shopping lunch hour, whereas I witnessed military loved ones attached to pulleys and horribly torn into pieces, though of it's mightiest Syed Farook reveal. Undoubtedly bearing an offer of limitless plans to destroy as Daniel heard cry of the fourth, non descript beast, to rise and take much flesh of reaping blood shed sown, there are terrors planned Us soil. How tens of millions procrastinating exodus are not only going to die, but in ways more unthinkable then the days of Hitler's Germany. Only now in how many ways in a day's time do I forewarn Americans, get Jesus, get out, and God bless either your exit or your designed exodus, (eviction), Amen, repent here,
     _ Now I get it, God having commended His Love through the sacrifice of His Only Son, the intervention into into the woman bearing black bowls, with cards for better homeless shelters is a long-suffering God yet trying to bless this designed exodus... What An Amazing Grace...

Does Korea Truly Pose A Threat To America?

     -I don't know it's name, but for twenty years 2018, Holy Spirit has shown some Asian nation has been set to lay a siege upon US soil, now predestined and thus highly prophesied, like all other making of extinction level events this year of 2017, they're all coming, they're all by God's Judgment, 2001-2017, see,, in this beginning targeting US soil. These come monster disasters is why there's such the urgency to drive Americans Southeast this glorious exit into this designed exodus, Apb...

     -Eclipse Epicenter Evacuated In Oregon As Wild Fires Rage (As reminded right before Hurricane Katrina, these times are not fun time, they never were but now. As in right now, is this warning more apparent, with tens of millions lives laying in the procrastination of rebellious leaders to followers, Get Jesus, get Out of a sorely targeted West!

    -And I Heard In My Hearing, Sitting Across This G Meeting With Senator Obama, Quoting Holy Spirits, "He Is The One!" Then Two Great Beast of Rev. 13, Rose, Just as Obama Hussein Did, 2008-2015, America's Brexit to Truexit, Escape! Cataclysms are made ready just as the Intrepid Dream 190 months Predicted, Dec. 25, 2001- Oct. 25, 2017, Apb

     -Obama a man predestined did for America only what the timetable of two weeks and seven years of America's continuation into a now slow motion to stampeding exodus, designed him to do. Your country, your blood thirst of this world's super power targeted a Hussein for the kill, A Righteous God appointed a Hussein this carnal judgment Presidential ruler, this world.
     -If you don't learn from this curse, how God demand holiness and nothing else will approach unto Him of now seeing Jesus millennium ascend, and nothing else. Then you're yet to learn Christ Jesus, enduring this world to reign God's Kingdom is about one Man, given by Elohim Himself, Jesus! Get Him, And Get Out! May God bless your exodus, Apb, The RAM for Jesus! Amen,

-How Long O Lord Will Thou Look on? Come Avenged Righteous Blood! Take Up Shield and Buckler And Stand Up For Our Help!
Prophecy Links -And I Heard In My Hearing, get ye to repentant alters, God is now, avenging martyred Blood (how long O lord, Take up shield and bucklers), Apb -And I Heard IN My Hearing, kill all parents by, finish all schools, (make no mistake, God is commanding master disasters to target America, to the West, into the world. Over, beware!), Apb -And I Heard In My Hearing, “The dying of schools is painful, go over to the middle school and cast a stone,” (see transgender restroom brawls, to sexual abnormality, repent!), Judgment Now! -And I Heard In My Hearing 2017, naming only a few, "kill all parent by, finish all schools, 99 bowls of molten lava, the word "HORRIBLE," seen plucked out. A cry yours is a nuclear fate, a voice crying 2002, and 2017, that 50 million will die, now pending an abrupt exit of all of America. The words 'Judgment Now,' the word "Now," as a blinking light of caution, the cry, get ye to repentant altars, God is avenging martyred blood," fulfilling the 5th seal. There's "let my people go into the end time exit to exodus of America, cried as the days of Moses, the Sunlight of God, from behind a Mountain in heaven, the the words, Revelation, Revelation 12 Sign, Judgment, then simply, Decide! Prophetic Lyrics -Too late to pologize, it's tooo late- ae, ae, ae, it's too late to pologize, it's too late, ae, ae, ae with much concern these lyrics start sounding out in my head last evening, 08/17/2017 right into my sleep, as a word of knowledge, warning by the lyrics of a song, one of many.. There's always a point of no return in their abominations a nation or a world moment, come too, even as far back as the mid eighties into the mid nineties, a visiting Elohim send terrifying visions and talked of destroying America. This truth does not include individuals unless they're to grieve the Holy Spirit to this point, which is highly unlikely, an individual prayer of repentance first, see here,, followed by a life of Christ is always possible. The written promise that if you confess your sins, He, God is faithful and just to forgive your sins and cleanse you from all unrighteousness.

Trump Options  Seen to be seeing an escape with God's Trump, that is Also America's Truexit Of A Trump, -President Trump, the administration destined to see both the Brides Escape into America's exodus of why I witnessed Jesus glorious Millennium follow Obama's, an alike indication of America being over, done. This prized leader and his cabinet taunting God's fury need to be studying how best to perform for the whole of America into Western Civilization. Definitely how to initiate a now thirty year plan, as the days of the Mayans to evacuate all of Americans, not just same, after tens of millions are dead. i Don't know about you, but I don't want to see Trump's, nor any other world leader at that time, face, as God questions how is it after thousands of years into this day to day forewarning. Remarkably, even of an appearing Angel Gabriel 2004, testifying the same they managed' apparently by indescribable procrastination to yet suffer a death to soul toll of tens of millions? -Unquestionably, why America was shown as this slow motion exodus, but as an exodus no less, this divine for their own good blessed eviction in the beginning. Get this, just as men like king Nebuchadnezzar shown the end of all nations building by a mountain like stone falling from heaven pending Us to all earths inhabitants right now. That he then took said astonishing made aware and attempted like world nations to advance his kingdom. Though this King of kings had to reigned to God's will, recognize Him, it took him seven years of suffering in madding darkness. So ask yourself, since lately Holy Spirits have liken America's exodus to the days of Moses. Stunningly, is your cursed procrastination as the days of the 40 years of wilderness Moses rebellious stumbled in, deeming them incapable of entering in, now lately 2002/2017 counted to be exactly the 50 million predestined the first to died? Awake, Repent, escape, in this order, and may God, bless your exodus, Amen. Apb

-This year Lisa of marking 2003, 17 and 7, the Bride gone 2017, returns 7 years later, as prophesied by Angels visiting from heaven, into the Intrepid Dream Timetable, is the end of everything rooted and grounded in the American Dream, of Grace's allowance. Understand, this by unimaginable cataclysms that can claim tens of millions instantly, and put this US in dark for 190 years of it, again as instantly as Russia's nearly 8.0 earthquake to volcano eruption, 17.777. Thus the constant cry they come out of the West period, this immensely targeted right into a just as designed as the Bride's escape, this, the pending tribulation saints, exodus. Yes, He is Go and already know who you are, all those whose names are either not written or have since been stricken from the Lamb's book of Life of Holy Spirits left saying, decide, repent or perish, mammoth desolations designed US soil are now, as in the word Now, as a blinking light of caution. right now, Apb, The RAM...
Commenting On The Death Of A Nation, Infowars -Imagine my shock into unbelief, when Elohim 1996, come to me like a father Abraham, concerning then sin cities Sodom and Gomorrah and explained something eerily similar, only now the destruction of America, please see Ps. 37, Isa. 13 and John's Revelation of it's 17-18th chapter for more details, see also here,, escape is better than sacrificing ones soul for dust and wind, even this carnivore of Americans dreaming, then death and judgment, beware, Apb,, may God bless your exodus! Amen

-And I Heard In My Hearing, Sitting Across This G Meeting With Senator Obama, Quoting Holy Spirits, "He Is The One!" Then Two Great Beast of Rev. 13, Rose, Just as Obama Hussein Did, 2008-2015, America's Brexit to Truexit, Escape! Cataclysms are made ready just as the Intrepid Dream 190 months Predicted, Dec. 25, 2001- Oct. 25, 2017, Apb And I Heard In My Hearing, 2002. 2017, Of Trump's Inauguration, "50 Millions Will Die! Are You One The Predestined -There is a blackout, pending 2017, I've seen it, I've experienced how horrifying, in 2016, it was witnessed as a form of an EMP attack, not even local utilities could fix nor repair, of where I witnessed a lost 190 years. right into a stampede of all ethnicities exiting America as is the call these many years stage Southeast into exodus. Even if this is some how staged by man, God will used it to usher in Jesus' Millennium reign something 2016, I as well witnessed, only to follow Obama's. It's like Bush's plan for Hussein that has come back to them in the deaths of millions and mounting and in funds of trillions and counting; then this lost to an additional Hussein. Terrifyingly whose two weeks and seven years administration has proven to be the last of those surrounding American to Western rule, making Trump's apocalyptic as to be torn between which of two evils, this most taxing of forks, an American exodus or an American tug of nuclear war come into fruition, horribly with a Yellowstone type nation/earth ender as well pending, so either way they're finished, Americans, escape into exodus and may God, like the Brides Ascension, the days of Moses, bless it, Apb, The RAM.

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