Friday, August 25, 2017

     -Signs and Wonders if nothing else are prophesied for these end times, this phenomenon marked the beginning to the end, from Moses receiving the ten commandments tablet, to the Prophet Haggai, whose very name mean holiday, announcing the building of the Jewish temple. Right into Jesus' Tribulation, who would shape said ten commandment into two even more impossible acts of unconditional love, loving God, man, with all that's heart mind and soul, if not, you're none of His, Christ, this authentic mission impossible, except one is born again. All to be herald, this miraculous miracle and celebrated a historic 40 days until Israel's feast of trumpets, that will also mark the fulfillment of the Intrepid Dream timetable of America's trial and judgment, Dec. 2001-Oct. 2017.
I know, how amazing within itself, but I couldn't have forewarn you of this earlier because I only learn this a day after Eclipse, investing these forty days everyone were relating to.
     -Which remind me, let me ask, is the country right now suffering from the Eclipse after-effects? Surely that the forty day count into the Jewish new year was intended to mark the end of the world as we know it 190 months ago, Christmas night 2001. See this is when Holy Spirits doing America's weigh station trial, projected the exact measure of her pending sentence into cataclysms, again as 190 months. This set alarm God's Clock, is why the moment Obama come President, 2008, I heard a cry of "two weeks and seven years," that was doing the escape to Georgia dream, 06/26/2015. seen to expire into a pending Cameron, see Brexit. Just consider what this event could have done, what it could've meant, all the cataclysms pending it's arrival, all true except after America's dwindling timetable 40 days into Israel's pending Daniel's final week into Antichrist reign, hence America's pending Exodus..
 I admit the moment I saw the trajectory of this 2017 Eclipse a couple days earlier, I saw what I thought would be the exact path a pending Yellowstone eruption.
    -One especially acting like a domino effect along all the teetering fault lines this eclipse marked this long, fractured stretch of US soil, cautiously meaning, Of course the worse of the worse thought to happen this eclipse is come, simply not yet, right this moment we're one month away from the estimated time of the Brides escape and America's exit into exodus. Projected in both of their demonstrations of exits, as September 23-25th, two years before I would know the bible to prophetic meaning of this all over you tube date, as related to the Revelation 12 sign. Remember Geoffrey one of the reasons the religious leaders angered Jesus, as those presently, burying their heads in the laws they corrupted, was because like those three kings and many waiting, watching and reading the signs they knew Jesus time like now, as in right now, hath come, blink and you'll miss it, beware, Apb, The RAM    

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