Saturday, August 26, 2017

Even More Frightening, That God Is Avenging Martyred Blood, So You Tell Me!

       Is God As Angry Right Now As The Days Of Noah And Greater? I heard A Command Lately, That All Parents be Killed By, That All Schools Be Finished, That 50 Million Will Die, 2002 and 2017, Even More Frightening, That God Is Avenging Martyred Blood, So You Tell Me!

     -Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, II Pet. 3:11,

President Trump Declared Peace And Safety, Now An Outbreak Of Sudden Destruction

     -Hello Lisa, Apostle Bradford, I heard in my ear, a week or so ago," you speak of a reoccurring North Korean timetable of August 26, I heard August 29th," whispered in my ear. How accurate can these things be? Right before the Charleston church shooting, a hymm I couldn't shake come into my ear all around the house. It was one of Tony Braxton's songs, 'seven whole days,' only I was singing relentlessly 10 whole days; "Ten whole days, not a word from you, ten whole days. I'm about to be through." I told my children something is gonna happen in ten days; exactly ten days later, the Charleston shooting happen. The ten days warning is in Revelation, Jesus promise one of the suffering (churches), Smyrna and Philadelphia if they endure for ten days he will give them a crown of righteousness, so scary accurate, seeing this shooting involved a church. Though the title, "A Mysterious Countdown,' is what made me so curious, I been sharing a time line of 190 months, that's 15.10 years given Christmas night, 2001, although I knew it's fruition by October 2017.
     -A day after Eclipse, I feel whose trajectory is what would be that of a Yellow Stone eruption, even having a domino effect against other fractured fault lines, all soon to come. Just as so seeing all these references, I come curious about this 40 day count so many like the Revelation 12 sign, were talking about. So Lisa innocently, when I did this count, it left us with exactly 40 days from this timetable fulfillment, meaning when Holy Spirits gave it. Obviously as the timeout into America's end by an outbreak of cataclysms, they knew this 190 month total would fall 40 days past this historic eclipse and on the Jewish Holiday, feast of Trumpets, also known as Rosh Hashanah.
     -So what did I see happen as the beginning of America' to western rule judgment, this 190 weight of blood guiltiness? First, when you're by dreams captured so entirely into such breaking of awareness, you're consumed, it's what's happening, it's completely your new reality and you wake up out of it.
    -Second, something so cataclysmic happen it instantly set the country back for like hundreds of years, and I'm talking as quickly as one is ejected from an automobile. Clearly, just as suddenly, 190 years was gone of it, (see Ezekiel 4), so like none of what is America ever happen. Soon a weigh station and a judgment in the form of a towering beige horse, infested with fleas was the come sentence, (Rev. 6). Only, just before this happen, I witnessed that the world had fallen into the hands of middle eastern rule, like Arabia, (see Dan. 9, Rev. 11:1, 2). I know I said it plenty, but to show accuracy, it is by this prophecy, Rev. 11:1, 2 Lisa, I predicted a Hussein Whitehouse 2003, all while Saddam Hussein was still being hunted and soon executed.
     -Talk about God showing whose really in charge, that He alone is God, so not only a Hussein yet to come, but the two weeks and seven years of what was left of America to the West's world rule, was now Hussein Obama's complete allowance, again this curse of Bush's war on the axis of evil.  Americans are captives of God's Wine Press, thirty one springs now, crying mercifully repent, escape He's weighing and reaping martyred blood only like the days of Noah, they're cursed. Sudden destruction even per Trump's declaration of peace and safety is upon them, all the more, be very aware. Even the witnessed of seeing a huge container fall on Saddam, the cry, he'd fallen and wouldn't recover. Since we're talking oil, we'll say a fuel container felled on him, America's stumbling block of iniquity. What's so curious, even those two beast, (Rev. 13), which rose as surely as Hussein Obama, were regarding the debating of Hussein (Hussein/Beast Reign, weeks and seven years pending), filling stations in the land.
      -As so the handle bars I witnessed 2003, treated with axle grease of preventing China and Russia, frightfully the next time I would see a specific date. I don't know if you know it, current with Apostle's prophecies, there's something about a November the 4th date, come into my prophecies, just before Trump took office,. This was also right before Trump's inauguration where I heard the additional death tolls as 2002, that 50 million would die. In the dream, 2016, I witnessed a bike rider of a paper route, the date of November 4th, when from these handle bars sprang a funeral reef that that tore and reached right into the heavens above this toll on human lives. One horrid further witnessed, as to have the names of US leaders from 2002 into 2017 upon it, again Trump's inauguration; possibly the fury I witnessed come into God's face concerning then a pending Trump/Pence ticket.
     -Always an administration to world rule I deem one holocaust after another upon this world, the Petro, Petro-dollar, what a Bush and dagger claimed Americans were so addicted to, then one would think granted an 11' o'clock shopping lunch hour by Holy Spirits this same time. Critically, so is commerce this addiction into idolatry even heathenism, so much so, they have and will kill the world, pervert and diminish the Genesis man, unless God take up shield and buckler and stand up for His Anointed Help. The Almighty oil, one of the greatest of this worlds and America's industries being targeted by Monster Hurricane  Harvey and everything making of cataclysmic disaster still to come. Unmistakably, as I forewarn, just as Trump call for sanctions against not only N. Korea but Russia and China. Remarkably Lisa Haven again like the days of the Prophet Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Daniel, they say God doesn't see them, that He is ascended out of their nation building.
     -Only except they like a King Nebuchadnezzar wake from all this madness and  repent, they're so perilous these red with blood seas for all their damned immortality; their not realizing, whosoever name isn't written in the Lamb's book of life. This unspeakable I witnessed 2015, open and crafted into a sizeable this entire world for it's thousands of years of outreaching God's Righteousness, Christ's Cross, census taking. Of course right into God's present reaping martyred blood, His wrath upon tens to hundreds of millions. Surely that whosoever name isn't recorded the Lamb's book Of Life, Rev. 20, is tossed into a lake which burns with fire. Of course what followed the pale horse judgment, were one after another such the like man induced horrors, why Apostle keep telling you all, they're all coming.
     -When God showed the prophet Ezekiel something similar concerning Judah Israel's judgment, he asked, crying, would He, God, at that time destroy the entire house of Israel? The answer to that question as far as America is concern, is yes, for it's abominable unrepentance into the fulfillment of bible prophecy, Daniel's final week, dawns. Until you all understand end time bible prophecy, one of the requisite for serving Jesus, the Angel Gabriel 2004 said all is unto fulfillment, you will never understand why I deem Trump the Truexit. As so what it was Holy Spirits meant doing a demonstration of both the Brides escape and America's exit to exodus when they declared, now remember two weeks and seven years prior they'd described Senator Obama as "the one."
     -Now the end of this timetable, 06/26/2015, they were declaring "it's all about Cameron," a week or so later, P. M. Cameron, Assad's Syria and Putin's Russia would be breaking news, (also see Cameron's Brexit as Europe's pending revision into a New World Order, Undoubtedly Bush's announced by Holy Spirits, 2003, One Error/Era, into a New Fear-factor. A world without both the Dispensation of Grace, nor the Righteous Bride, there is fixing to be some crying after Jesus and thank God for it, His Intent. As I was sharing such revelations I was reminded how right now it appear as though a seizure by master disasters are being designed for America on all sides; again as of Ezekiel 4, 5th, chapter, reapers I call them, even seen them, crafting the deadliest of master disasters. Frightfully with the one, as in Ezekiel's day, laying the siege being the Righteous Wrath of God, Himself, yet mercifully as He does so Americans are being relocated into an exodus, Christ altar into escape.
     -America like the days of Moses and because of the days of Noah come US spoil will exodus, the question for the Trump Administration is will it be before tens of millions are dead or because ten of millions are dead? Nothing will prevent it, I was listening to Christopher Green, (, don't be a Churchiah to Sandian all your immortality). He was warning about the approach of Hurricane Harvey, how he made reference to it as a category 10 storm. What's so amazing Chris, is that once the Bride is taken only seconds from now such mammoth size storms will no longer be an anomaly, nor impossible but come with terrifying frequency, God has nothing to lose but a planet of the rebellious desecrating all that is the Christ, the earth into the Genesis man, why the command to kill all parents, about 50 million except they escape, Awake! Repent, Escape, and may God bless it, Apb, The RAM.



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